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Kuba Krzewiński - Composer bio

In his works he focuses on the sense of touch as the origin of sound, as the axis of the performer-instrument relationship and as a medium of social communication. Through the use of performative means, multimedia and tactile references, Krzewinski offers the audience new ways of approaching music and the body.

He was born in 1988, graduated with distinction from the H. Wieniawski School of Music in Łódź in violin. He studied composition in Academy of Music in Lodz, in The Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague and at the Hoschule für Musik Dresden. His composition professors were Zygmunt Krauze, Krzysztof Knittel, Yannis Kyriakides, Mayke Nas, Manos Tsangaris and Mark Andre.

Important recent collaborators include: Ensemble MusikFabrik (Germany), Garage Ensemble (Germany), Nemø Ensemble (Belgium), Hashtag Ensemble (Poland), Kompopolex Ensemble (Poland), Anna Kwiatkowska/Mikołaj Pałosz Duo. His pieces and installations have been shown on many festivals and concerts in Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and China.

He received various scholarships and prizes, i.a.: Förderpreis für junge Komponisten from the Saxony Composers Union in 2019. In 2018 he was nominated as one of the 10 most promising young polish composers by In 2019 a DVD with his recent chamber pieces was published in Bôłt Records in Poland.

He collaborates with audiovisual artist Aleksandra Chciuk. Together they created a concert/ installation "Black of Granule" for 2 performers, a piano and 1 listener during Musica Privata in Łódź in 2016 and at the Instalakcje Festival in Warsaw in 2018. Also together with Aleksandra Chciuk they created  "Weave-Machine" audioperformance commissioned for the opening of the Textile Triennial at the Polish Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź.


He created a series of "Ameublement de musique” objects, which have so far been presented in the form of installations or concerts in Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, including a piece commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik.

He is one of curators of Musica Privata Festival in Łódź, and Ad Libitum Festival in Warsaw,

List of works

"Phantom" for accordion, viola and media, 2023

"Dance ex machina" for grand piano and a dancer, 2022

"Etude for grand piano and touch", 2022

I String Quartet, 2022

“Incorporate No. 3” for handwerk, 2021

"Still point" installation with Karol Tymiński, 2021

"Modern Romance" for Hashtag Ensemble, 2020

"Urschrei / Primal Scream" for Garage Ensemble, 2020

"Chopinwalk & Chopinvortex" soundwalk with Aleksandra Chciuk, 2020

"Weavemachine" - audioperformance, collaboration with Aleksandra Chciuk

"Incorporate No. 2" for harpsichord and electronics, 2019

“AdM Room” installative piece for 2 marimbas and “Ameublement de Musique” objects, for Dalbergia Duo (15 min. loop), 2019

DVD "Incorporate" - Bôłt Records, 2019
„Contre No. 2” for grand piano, gran cassa and electronics (9 min.), 2019
“Inside” for MusikFabrik with Harry Partch instruments and “Ameublement de musique” objects (10 min.), 2018
“Entre” for bass clarinet, percussion, midi piano, violin and double bass and media (12 min.) for Nemø Ensemble, 2018
Incorporate” for violin, electronics and video (8 min.), video by Aleksandra Chciuk, 2018
“Ep” for a double bass and a deaf poet (13 min.), 2018
„Another air” - for flute, accordion, percussion, electronics and 20 fans (10 min.) for Ensemble Kompolex, 2017
„Contre No. 1” for violin and cello (15 min.), 2016

"Black of Granule"  - Installation/concert, collaboration with Aleksandra Chciuk, 2016

„Edging” - for flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, violin, cello, double bass (26 min.), 2016
„Glass Wood Plastic” for marimba and violin (16 min.), 2015
„ I | 0” for 6 vocalists (playing also lastras and glass cloches), viola and cello (15 min.), 2015
“Mille-feuille” for a dancer and electronics (Max MSP technology) (7 min.) 2015

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